Our Team

Academic English Classes/Tutor

Scott Green, ME, MA - Academic Consultant

As a language and curriculum specialist, Scott has taken his experiences teaching around the world from kindergarten to professionals and crafted individualized curricula based on the needs of LOQUUS - English Language Services clients. Having worked for major universities in the United States, as well as international companies, Scott is intimately aware of the potential and limitations of English language learners. Scott's research interests in second language acquisition of educational technology, phonology, morphology and syntax – not to mention a healthy interest in cursing like a truck driver - has helped LOQUUS - English Language Services provide cutting edge services to clients in the traditional classroom setting and online.

Our Instructors

LOQUUS instructors are more than just educators; they are also linguists. English teachers know how to teach, linguists know how and what to teach. Each instructor at LOQUUS is trained to evaluate the best method of instruction based on the native language of their students. This allows for greater efficiency and effectiveness in instruction.

Our ESL team includes Fulbright-approved tutors with global experience that provides students the highest quality in language training.